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Police Pension Scheme

Transferring Previous Benefits

If you were in another pension scheme or if you have contributed to a personal pension, it may be possible to transfer your pension benefits into the 2015 Scheme.

If you apply for a transfer of your previous pension benefits, you will be informed of the amount of pension that transfer will provide in the 2015 Scheme, so that you can decide whether to proceed with the transfer or opt to retain the benefits in your previous scheme.

If your previous pension scheme is within the Public Sector Transfer Club (the Club), the transferred pension may be higher than that accepted from another pension scheme. But, you must apply to transfer any deferred benefits from another Club scheme within 12 months of joining the 2015 Scheme.

If you move between Police Forces in England and Wales, your pension entitlements will NOT change. You will remain in the 2015 Scheme and the amount of accrued pension in the 2015 Scheme will also remain the same.

Please Note

The transfer value may not necessarily buy the same amount of accrued pension in the 2015 Scheme as you had in your previous scheme.

If you join the 2015 Scheme after leaving the 2015 Northern Ireland Police Pension Scheme or the 2015 Scotland Police Pension Scheme, any accrued pension in that Scheme is transferred into the 2015 Scheme.

If you have a gap in service exceeding 5 years, the above provisions may NOT apply.