Police Pension Scheme

Calculating your Benefits

If you have at least 2 years’ qualifying service and you are an active member of the 2015 Scheme, you will be able to retire from NPA (or from NMPA, but subject to actuarial reduction) with the immediate payment of a retirement pension. An active member who intends to retire must claim payment of the pension, giving at least 1 month’s written notice.

Qualifying service means the calendar length of any continuous period of pensionable service under the 2015 Scheme (not including any gap in service, any career break or any other period of unpaid leave), plus any previous pensionable service or employment which you have transferred into the 2015 Scheme and, if applicable, your period of pensionable service under the 1987 Scheme or the 2006 Scheme.

  • Pensionable Service
  • Pensionable Earnings
  • Pension Account
  • Exchanging your Pension

Please Note

If you have reached your NMPA and you are entitled to claim your pension early, and you are either an active member who has not reached NPA, or a Deferred member who has not reached your SPA, you may opt to buy out the 'actuarial reduction' which would have otherwise applied in the calculation of your annual pension.

If you choose to do this, the payment to buy out the actuarial reduction may be made by you, the Police Force or shared between you and your Force. The cost of buying out the early payment reduction will be determined by the Police Force in accordance with actuarial guidance.