Police Pension Scheme

Leaving the Scheme

If you leave the Police Force whilst an active member of the 2015 Scheme, or if you choose to opt out of the scheme before retirement, there are several options available to you.

You can opt out of the 2015 Scheme at any time by completing an Opting Out declaration and sending it to your Police Force. If you do decide to opt out within the first 3 months of joining the Police Force, your declaration will be back-dated to the date you first became a member of the Scheme.

If you leave the 2015 Scheme with less than 2 years’ qualifying service and you have not transferred in any service, your pension contributions will be refunded. Conversely, if you build up 2 years or more qualifying service and then leave, your benefits will become Deferred.

If do you decide to leave the 2015 Scheme at any time in the future, your decision will take effect from the start of the next available pay period after your declaration has been received by the Police Force (or on any later date which the Police Force considers appropriate).

If you opt out of the 2015 Scheme, you will still be entitled to rejoin at a later date, although this may be subject to a medical examination at your own expense, to determine whether you will be eligible for ill-health benefits.

  • Refund of Contributions
  • Deferred Benefits
  • Re-Joining the Scheme
  • Transferring your Benefits

Please Note

If you are thinking of opting out of the 2015 Scheme, you are strongly recommended to take Independent Financial Advice before you make a decision.