Police Pension Scheme

Retirement Age

Under the 2015 Scheme, your Normal Pension Age is the age at which benefits will come into payment in full without actuarial adjustment. Your NPA under the 2015 Scheme is 60. However, if you leave the Police Force or opt out of the 2015 Scheme after NMPA and before NPA with at least 2 years’ qualifying service and you do not claim the payment of your pension, you will become entitled to a Deferred Pension payable in full when you reach your State Pension Age, which may change in the future.

A Deferred Pension may be paid early without actuarial reduction, if you are permanently medically unfit for any regular employment. However, you cannot retire with a pension under the 2015 Scheme before you reach NMPA other than on the grounds of ill-health.

Alternatively, if you decide to delay your retirement after reaching NPA, you will continue to accrue pension and your pension will be increased on an actuarially neutral basis to take into account its commencement after NPA.

Please Note

If you have not reached NPA and you become permanently medically unfit for the performance of the ordinary duties of a member of the Police Force while an active member of the scheme, your Police Force may require you to retire on the grounds of ill health.

A retirement pension paid on or after NPA is not subject to Actuarial Reduction. A retirement pension (other than an ill-health pension or a deferred pension paid early on ill-health grounds) paid before NPA is subject to actuarial reduction.