Police Pension Scheme


You will have been automatically enrolled into the 2015 Scheme upon your appointment to the Police Force, unless you have decided to opt out.

If you have opted out, you will be automatically re-enrolled back into the 2015 Scheme every 3 years on your automatic re-enrolment date. However, if you want to remain opted out, you will need to opt out within one month; your election will then be backdated to the automatic re-enrolment date.

On joining the Police Force, you may be asked to have a medical examination (free of charge) so that Dyfed-Powys Police can decide whether you will be eligible for ill-health benefits. If it is determined (after any appeal) that the likely cost of providing benefits is disproportionately high, you will still be eligible to join the 2015 Scheme and pay reduced contributions, but you will NOT receive ill-health benefits.

Please Note

Due to the High Court judgement in December 2018 in relation to the unlawful transitional protection afforded to existing members of the PPS 1987 / PPS 2006, the Scheme regulations will change in due course to take account of the remedy.

If you are thinking of opting out of the 2015 Scheme, it is strongly recommended that you seek Independent Financial Advice before making your decision.

It is possible for you to be a member of the 2015 Scheme and to contribute to other pension schemes, such as a personal pension plan, at the same time. You are advised to consult an Independent Financial Adviser if you are interested in doing so.