Police Pension Scheme

Absent from Work

Your pension build up under the 2015 Scheme may be affected by periods of absence and unpaid leave.

You will have the option to make the following count towards the your pension build up, provided you have not opted out of the 2015 Scheme and that you pay the pension contributions which would have otherwise been due, but for the period of absence:

  • Unpaid adoption leave;
  • Unpaid maternity leave;
  • Unpaid parental leave;
  • Unpaid maternity support leave;
  • Unpaid adoption support leave;
  • Unpaid sick leave of 6 months or less(subject to a lifetime total of 12 months).

If you wish to pay contributions for a period of unpaid leave, you must notify the Police Force within 3 months of your return to work or by the date you leave the Police Force, if earlier. The contributions must be paid within 6 months of the date that the Police Force informs you of the amount to be paid.

Please Note

Pension contributions cannot be paid in respect of unpaid Career Breaks. Any period of time during which you have opted out of the 2015 Scheme will NOT count towards your pension build up.