Police Pension Scheme


You pay contributions towards the cost of your pension benefits. These are set as a percentage of your Pensionable Earnings in any given pay period.

The amount of your Pensionable Earnings for the purpose of allocating your tier is determined as follows:

  • If you are a member of a Police Force in full-time service, the amount of Pensionable Earnings will be the rate of pay which you are entitled to in that pay period,
  • If you are a member of a Police Force in England and Wales in full-time service it will be the rate which you are entitled to under your terms and conditions of employment.

If you are a part-time member, your tier is determined with reference to your full-time equivalent Pensionable Earnings.

The table below shows the contribution rates for 2021/22. (Note that if you are ineligible for ill-health benefits, you will pay contributions at the 'Reduced Rate').

Your Actual Pay Your Rate of Contribution
Under £27,000 12.44%
More than £27,000 but not less than £60,000 13.44%
More than £60,000 13.78%

Please Note

As contributions are deducted from pay before it is assessed for income tax, you will automatically receive full income tax relief at the applicable rate.

The Police Force is responsible for calculating your contribution rate. If you think it is incorrect, please contact the Force.