Fire Pension Scheme

Increasing your Benefits

If you are an active member of the FPS 2007 and will not be able to accrue 40 years' pensionable service by age 60, you can purchase additional service by the payment of additional contributions or by lump sum. The additional contributions and the lump sum would be based on factors provided by the Government Actuary.

To pay additional contributions, an election to do so must be made at least 2 years before normal pension age (60). They would be deducted with effect from your first birthday following your election, along with your basic contributions. Like your basic contributions they would be assessed on your pensionable pay.

If you leave or cease paying contributions for any other reason before reaching age 60, you would be credited with the appropriate portion of service purchased. If you choose to pay by lump sum, you must make your election to do so within 12 months of first becoming a member, and the payment must be made within 3 months of you giving notice that you wish to pay.

Any service that you have purchased will be taken into account when calculating your pension benefit.

Please Note

If you are a retained firefighter, the payment of additional contributions is not as straightforward, as your pay is variable.