Fire Pension Scheme

Death Benefits

If you were to die in service as a member of the FPS 2007, a death grant would be payable. This would normally be 3 times your pensionable pay as at the date of death. If you work part time, the death grant payable is 3 times your pro rata pensionable pay.

If a firefighter dies after retirement, having received a pension for less than 5 years, there is a death grant payable. The amount payable is the difference between the pension received and the sum that would have been payable over the 5 year period.

The Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) has absolute discretion as to whom the death grant should be paid to, but they may have regard to any nomination.

What if I am a Retained firefighter?

The death grant payable in the event of your death will be based on a proportion of your full time equivalent pensionable pay, adjusted according to your pensionable service. The death grant payable is 3 times this sum.

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Please Note

There is NO death grant nor guaranteed payment in respect of a deferred pension, which has not come into payment at the date of death of the firefighter.