Fire Pension Scheme


A firefighter who has sufficient service to qualify for a pension and who is permanently disabled for the performance of the duties of his/her role, may be considered at any age for an ill-health pension.

There are two tiers of award;

  • a lower tier pension based on the basic formula i.e. 1/60th x pensionable service x final pensionable pay;
  • a higher tier pension based on the basic formula plus an enhancement of service i.e. 2% x service accrued to last day of service x prospective service to age 60.

The higher tier pension is awarded only where the firefighter has at least 5 years' qualifying service and is unable to undertake any other regular employment. It must NOT be greater than 40/60 x final pensionable pay.

Part of a lower tier ill-health pension can be commuted to provide a lump sum.