Fire Pension Scheme

Leaving the Scheme

You can opt out of the FPS 2015 at any time if you do not wish to be a member. To do so, you must give a signed, written notice to the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS). The option would be considered to have been exercised on the date the notice is received by the FRS.

If you opt out before the end of 3 months' continuous Scheme employment (or within 3 months of automatic re-enrolment), you would be treated as not having been a member in pensionable employment during this period and would receive a refund of the contributions you have paid for the period.

If you opt out 3 months or more after a continuous period of service in Scheme employment (or 3 or more months after automatic re-enrolment), you would normally be treated as having ceased pensionable service in the Scheme on the first day of the pay period immediately after that in which you opted out. You would become a deferred member of the Scheme from that date and you would cease to have any further cover under the FPS 2015, other than that which is provided to a deferred member.

  • Refund of Contributions
  • Deferred Benefits
  • Transferring your Benefits

Please Note

It is recommended that you seek Independent Financial Advice if you are thinking of opting out. Note that while you would save the cost of contributions, you will pay more by way of tax (as pension contributions attract tax relief), plus your dependants would cease to have pension cover. 

You would, however, continue to be covered by the provisions of the Firefighters’ Compensation Scheme in the event of a qualifying injury.