Fire Pension Scheme

Absent from Work

If you have a period of authorised unpaid absence, you can elect to pay contributions at your usual contribution rate on assumed pensionable pay i.e. the pensionable pay you would have received but for the unpaid absence. Payment can be made, within certain time limits, by lump sum or by deduction from instalments of pensionable pay, as agreed with the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS).

  • Illness or Injury Absence
  • Child-related Leave
  • Trade Dispute
  • Reserved Forces Service Leave

Please Note

When repaying your pension contributions for a period of absence, the FRS may require that you also pay their contribution, which would have been otherwise due, but for your period of absence. 

Any period of time during which you have opted out of the 2015 Scheme will NOT count towards your pension build up.