Fire Pension Scheme


As a member of the FPS 2015, you pension contribution is a percentage of your Pensionable Earnings (or Assumed Pensionable Pay). 

Your contribution rate is determined by reference to whole-time equivalent pay for a part-time regular, retained or volunteer firefighter, the contributions paid will be based on the firefighter's actual (part-time) pay.

The following items are treated as Pensionable Earnings:

  • Pay received for the performance of the duties of your role, except for any allowances or emoluments paid on a temporary basis;
  • Your permanent emoluments (including, in the case of a retained firefighter, any retaining allowance);
  • The amount foregone if you have agreed to surrender the right to receive part of your pensionable pay, in exchange for the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) providing a non-cash benefit (this is sometimes referred to as 'salary sacrifice');
  • The amount paid for continued professional development if the FRS has determined that this should be pensionable.

However, any payments made by the FRS to a member who is on reserve forces service leave would NOT count as pensionable.

Contribution rates for the period 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

Your Pensionable Pay Band (£) Your Contribution Rate
Up to £27,818 11.00%
£27,819 to £51,515 12.90%
£51,516 to £142,500 13.50%
£142,501 or more 14.50%

Please Note

Contributions would normally be deducted from each instalment of pensionable pay as it becomes due, unless another method of payment has been agreed with Fire & Rescue Service. As contributions are deducted from pay before it is assessed for income tax, you will automatically receive full income tax relief at the applicable rate.