Fire Pension Scheme

Calculating your Benefits

If you are an active member at Normal Pension Age (60) you can draw your pension at any time on or after your 60th birthday. Your active member's account and any added pension account would be closed and a retirement account set up. There would be no reduction for early retirement but there may be an age addition if you had continued in service after age 60.

However, if at least age 55, you can elect to draw your pension before age 60, by giving written notice to the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS). In these circumstances, however, the pension would be subject to an early retirement reduction based on factors provided by the Scheme Actuary.

There is also an option for 'partial retirement' once you have reached age 55, if you wish to draw your pension but continue your employment as a firefighter without break and accrue additional pension.

Your active pension account (and any added pension purchased) would be put into payment (subject to an early payment reduction if you had not reached age 60) and a new active pension account set up for your new period of membership. This second pension will become payable, on similar terms to your first pension, when you are ready to draw it.

You will also have the option to exchange part of the pension to provide for a lump sum (otherwise known as Commutation).

  • Pensionable Earnings
  • Pension Account
  • Exchanging your Pension