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Employing Authorities

There are 3 types of employing authority within the LGPS:

Scheduled Bodies

A scheduled body is a statutorily defined body within the scheme's regulations and has a statutory obligation to participate in the Scheme.

Examples of scheduled bodies include County Councils, Further Education Colleges and all Local Authority Schools.

Designating Bodies

Like scheduled bodies, designating bodies are listed in a schedule within the LGPS regulations. Normally, Town and Community Councils make up the bulk of designating bodies, and again the authority has the power to state who is eligible to join the scheme, providing that the admission criteria is met.

Admission Bodies

There are two types of admission bodies, a Community Admission body (CAB) and a Transferee Admission body (TAB). Certain types of employers can participate in the LGPS via an admission agreement negotiated with the Dyfed Pension Fund. Community Admission bodies include those organisations that provide a public service otherwise for the purposes of gain and has sufficient links with a Scheme Employer to be regarded as having community interest.

Changes to the LGPS have permitted staff transferred where a service has been outsourced to the private sector to be offered membership of a broadly comparable pension scheme, of for the private sector employer to be offered membership of the LGPS under an admission agreement, known as a Transferee Admission body.

In order to gain access to the scheme, a TAB must deem to provide a service or assets in connection with the exercise of a function of a Scheme Employer.

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