Death Benefits

If you die in service, the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) ensures that your Survivor's are supported. From the moment you join the scheme, you gain added life assurance, as well as Survivor benefits (if applicable).

If you were to die as an active member of the LGPS, a lump sum death grant of 3 times your annual pensionable pay is payable in accordance to your expression of wish, or to your Estate / Personal Representatives if you have not made a nomination.

Making a Death Grant Expression of Wish form will allow you to nominate one or more individuals or an organisation(s) to receive payment of the death grant.  This can be done within your My Pension Online account.

  • Survivor Benefits
  • Children's Pensions

Please note

If you also have a separate deferred benefit from an earlier period of LGPS membership, the death grant payable will be the greater of either the death grant in respect of your active period of membership, or the death grant in respect of your deferred benefit, whichever is greatest.

The Dyfed Pension Fund retains absolute discretion as to whom it pays your death grant to. In the event of a dispute, the payment will be made to your Estate or Personal Representatives.

Be mindful that you will need to keep your death grant expression of wish up to date, at all times.