Police Pension Scheme


If you are a regular Police Officer and you joined the Police Force before 6 April 2006, you will have been admitted to the 1987 Scheme automatically, unless you decided to opt out.

If you have opted out of the 1987 Scheme, you will NOT be able to rejoin this Scheme after 6 April 2006. If you wish to opt back in, you must then join the 2015 Scheme, however, this may also be subject to a medical examination for which you will have to pay the cost, to decide whether you will be eligible for ill-health benefits.

Approved part-time working is counted as pensionable service on a pro-rata basis, based on actual hours worked as a proportion of full-time work. Your pension contributions are also collected on a pro-rata basis, against your pro-rata pensionable pay. However, your retirement benefits will be calculated with reference to your full-time equivalent level of pensionable earnings, despite working part-time.

Please Note

The 1987 Scheme was closed on 6 April 2006, therefore a transfer of pension rights into this Scheme is no longer possible.

However, it is possible for you to contribute to other pension schemes, such as a personal pension plan, at the same time. You are recommended to consult an Independent Financial Adviser if you wish to obtain information about other pension schemes.