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Police Pension Scheme

Death Benefits

If you die whilst a serving Officer, provided you were a member of the 1987 Scheme at the time of death (and had not opted out), a lump sum death grant of twice your annual pensionable pay will be paid to your surviving spouse or civil partner. If there is no surviving spouse or civil partner, it will be paid to your personal representative; usually the Executor of your will and will therefore form part of your Estate.

If you work part-time, the lump sum will be twice your annual pensionable pay as a part-timer.


Tony's full time equivalent pay is £30,000 per year, but he works 32 hours a week, so his annual pensionable pay is £24,000 per year (32/40 x £30,000).

If he were to die in service whilst he is a member of the 1987 Scheme, the lump sum death grant payable in respect of his death would be £48,000 (2 x £24,000).

A lump sum death grant becomes payable irrespective of your length of service.

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