Leaving the Scheme

You can leave the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) at any time by giving your Council notice in writing. An election to opt out becomes effective from the end of the payment period during which you gave notification, unless your notification specifies a later date. You are recommended to obtain further information before opting out of the LGPS.

To opt out of the Scheme, please contact the Dyfed Pension Fund.

Can I re-join the LGPS at a later date?

If you opt out once, you can re-join the LGPS at any time whilst you remain an Eligible Councillor.

If you opt out of the LGPS more than once, unless you elect to re-join the Scheme within 3 months of commencing as an Eligible Councillor with a new Council, you will only be allowed to re-join at the discretion of your Council. You can ask your Council what their policy is on this matter.

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