Administration Strategy

In accordance with the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) regulations, the Dyfed Pension Fund has prepared an Administration Strategy which compliments the efficient operation of the Fund on the behalf of its Employing Authorities and Carmarthenshire County Council (as the Administering Authority).

The objective of the Strategy is to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the Dyfed Pension Fund and the Employing Authorities in accordance with regulation 59 of the LGPS Regulations 2013

  • Introduction
  • Procedures for liaison and communication with Employing Authorities
  • Levels of performance for Employing Authorities
  • Levels of performance for the Dyfed Pension Fund
  • Payments by Employing Authorities to the Dyfed Pension Fund
  • Additional costs incurred as a result of Employing Authority's level of performance
  • Employer Contributions Rates and Administration Costs
  • Strategy Review