Too young for a Pension?

Saving for old age is an alien concept for many people, especially if you’re young and new into the employment world. There are so many more immediate demands on your money in this day and age i.e. repaying your student loan and maybe getting onto the property ladder etc. Retirement is a long way off and therefore, it is not something to worry about in the short term.

Pensions also tend to be perceived as being complicated, boring and not necessarily something you want to spend time debating or worrying about!

Plan ahead for the Future

However, it has become a well known fact that we are living longer as a nation, but while many of us may be aware of this, we may not want to take stock and plan ahead as to how we are actually going to support and fund our retirement, once our working days come to an end.

The advice to everyone, regardless of age, would be to have some sort of retirement plan in mind, which you can build on and develop as you age and your circumstances alter. Your retirement should be a time for enjoyment and NOT a time to worry about the pennies!